I started this project with Anne Sorlin, Mélanie Hosteint and Mathias Pontévia when we found in an attic some old and forgotten music instruments absolutely unused.
We had the idea of giving the opportunity to artists and musicians to use them as first material to build up installations, performances, sound pieces, films or whatever would come to their mind.

Chants de marteaux's Premiere took place on september 17th, 2011, in Bergerac with an installation of Caroline Bagot and a drum performance of Mathias Pontevia.

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Curator : Aurore Aulong.
Artists on residency : Caroline Bagot (installation), Mathias Pontévia (percussions).
Location : Le Rocksane.
Production : Einstein on the Beach.
Photos : Dimitri Defilippi.


Chants de Marteaux

2011 / Common project