D. is a character created by Paulina Semkowicz and I during a trip from Krakow to Dresden in september 2009. As an artwork, he is meant to travel, goes to galleries, art spaces, and provides installations about his life, with paintings, videos, slide shows and performances.
The D. Project is about how we can make an exhibition out of cheap materials and make an artwork live and travel on this base. How D. can survive? How long would he be able to travel if we both live in different countries? Till where? What does it says about our conditions as artists? What kind of networking is built out off this project? Does it open new doors for us, new opportunities to show other works?

Exhibitions :
Koloni Gallery, Dresden (D)
Bottega Gallery, Kiev (UA)
5 10 15, Varsovie (PL)
Woman Ahead, Cellar Gallery, Kraków (PL)
Günter Grass Gallery, Gdansk (PL)
Fogashaz, Budapest (HU)
Labor Gallery, Budapest
Merlin Szinhaz, Budapest
Museums' Night, Language is a virus (in collaboration with M.Szandala), Galeria Strefa A, Kraków
Semaine de l'art, Pauillac (FR)

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The D.Project

2009 - 2010 / Videos, performances, paintings, photos, installations.