TRY TO FLY is an art project based on a research of movements in a situation we are all familiar with.

I'm alone in a room, trying to concentrate and there is a fly, producing a loud and persistent noise. It might be very small but its  presence fills up the whole room. And it is trapped. The sound is in my head, I start to predict when the fly will take a turn, when it will land or hit the window again. 

Can a thousand flies become a philharmonic orchestra? 
Could we fly attached to them? Can they teach us dance movements?  
Can a fly become a pet, a human's best friend? 

From these questions I raised a bunch of flies to record their sound and asked a musician to create a track. I observed their movements, built up an installation and a choreography with a dancer and imagined how to connect them to the human body. 


Try to fly

2012 / Performance at the Studio gallery in Budapest

Performer : Szilvia Szephegyi
Music : Bálint Bolcsó

Link to Bálint -->Yeah!