Nobody’s Home is a contemporary dance piece for three dancers performed by the CHENDance compagny.

The piece’s three characters move through a disturbing landscape which exposes the savage side of the urban structures which offer us a false sense of security. They go about their business in a solitude which is only occasionally interrupted by fleeting, accidental contacts. Crisscrossed with images of exile, voyages, and the idea of rebuilding one’s identity from the contents of a suitcase, this dance, at once funny and sad, is expressed through an idiosyncratic language of movement in which the residues of words and dreams mingle. It’s Buster Keaton meets David Lynch.

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Nobody's home

2011 / Back groung video for a dance piece.



Dancers : Patricia Chen, Lauren Benoliel, Sebastien Sampietro.
Choreography : Patricia Chen.
Music : Murcof / Smog.