> Nyisd ki a szemed, ha alszol, és csukd be a szàd, ha beszélsz - avagy semmit Berger Gyulàrol / Open your eyes when you sleep, shut your mouth when you speak - or nothing about Gyula Berger

2008 / Dance : Kovács Kata, Kovács Noémi, Széphegyi Szilvia, Tajnafői Kriszta, Torda Kata, Aurore Aulong.

This piece, produced by Gyula Berger's dance company, Zéro Balett, in Budapest mixes dance and videos.
Five feminine characters who cannot communicate in a common language, manage to meet through primitive rituals and children songs.
Questioning dialogues without answers, bodies cut with flash lights, blindfolded, crocodiles leaving to the war, fragmented daydreaming, are all the paintings creating this absurd safari.
On stage, I was dancing and making live videos giving the structure of the theatrical frame of the piece.