Series of dreams read in portuguese with french subtitles.
Of different visual types, these videos are shown on 3 screens where they appear like dream pictures, one after the others to becoming a true unit, in which stories mix and match: different characters, objects , from the author's life, familiar to her.

Amante - 2'15
Cobra - 2'15
Diluvio - 1'40
Fotografa - 30"
Malas - 40"
Morangos - 1'20
Neve - 1'30
Peixes - 50"
Ramo - 45"

"Sonho a ramo" excerpt :
My mother receives a very nice big flower bouquet from her boyfriend .
She seems very proud and shows it to me.
Some minutes later I receive a similar bouquet, but not as well displayed, and withered.
My mother gets upset and very jealous.
Her boyfriend explains on the phone that rather than throwing away those flowers he rather give them to me.

With Paulina Semkowicz, Johana Peyricot, Vincent Sereys, and Rapá the hamster.
Voices: Marta Bernades.



2005 / 9 videos